The FACETING WORKSHOP is located in our second building, the Ray Robinson Building, located immediately adjacent to our main building. This building contains two workshops, for faceting and silver-smithing.


Faceting involves the cutting of raw, transparent gem and semi-precious-gem material, to create faceted gems. This process involves the cutting and polishing of many small, precisely defined facets on the stone, carefully calculated to reflect light entering the stone, in the best possible way. This reflection of light causes the ‘sparkle’ seen in faceted gems. For some gems, the light is also highly refracted, i.e. the light is split into it’s separate rainbow colors, giving the spectacular multi-colored display reflected from stones such as diamonds, cubic zirconia etc.

Club members facet numerous different types of precious and semi precious stones. Precious stones members have cut include Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Spinel. (the club does not generally undertake diamond faceting, as material is difficult to obtain and requires special equipment.) Semi-precious stones include all the quartz based gems, such as Amethyst, Citrine, Rock Crystal, Smoky Quartz and Lemon Quartz. Numerous other types are also faceting, covering a wide spectrum of gems.

Faceted stones are used for inclusion in jewelry (rings, pendants etc), for competitions, for gifts or for just admiring for their extreme beauty.


Our faceting workshop is self contained to provide members with a suitable environment for concentration. The faceting area has 10 machines (2 large Halls machines, and 6 Halls Junior/Extra machines), and two Patriot machines (Halls Junior copies). There are also several machines for hire to Gem Club Members. There are differences in adjustment methods between the machines, and it is normal for a member to develop a preference for using one machine where possible.